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Spy equipment for surveillance is most commonly used by intelligence agencies such as the CIA or MI5 to keep surveillance on criminals. But the use in the private sector is growing with spy equipment becoming easier for the public to acquire. Private investigators and detectives also use surveillance cameras, listening devices and other spying equipment. A recent common use in the public sector for hidden spycams is to keep an eye on babysitters and other employees working in your home to protect your property and children. As well as hidden tiny sized cameras many types of listening and recording devices are available for wire taps to record telephone conversations.

Counter intelligence and anti spy items

Counter surveillance measures are taken to prevent spies from recording conversations, planting bugs, watching you with spy cameras and other surveillance tactics. Sweeping for bugs is usually accomplished by bringing in a professional agency to meet your security requirements. Companies may require a counter surveillance service to prevent trade secrets being stolen by rival companies that may have bugged their company offices or boardrooms. Countersurveillance would also involve the checking of company computers for any form of spyware software that could also compromise any industrial secret information.

The Surveillance Expo brings together all the top Surveillance, Spy technology, Intelligence, Countersurveillance and Detective related industry in one place.
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Why not visit the major surveillance event where you will make important business contacts in the field of spy equipment, hidden cameras, recording devices and all surveillance products.

Their are an increasing amount of spy shops appearing that will supply all the latest surveillance equipment at reasonable costs from mini cameras to cell phone blocking jammers. Certain items available in these spy shops are such powerful tools in the surveillance world that they are restricted for sale only to government agencies and army personnel. Products that would allow you to listen in to cell phone conversations and high power cell phone signal jammers are usually on restricted sale. But most counter surveillance and surveillance equipment such as telephone taps, miniature cameras and listening devices such as bugs are available for the public to purchase.

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