Closed Circuit Television Camera Security Uses CCTV

Commercial Surveillance via CCTV to Prevent Crime

CCTV cameras and the massive security surveillance industry that has built up around them now hold a significant percentage of the video camera market place in the present times. CCTV is a short technical term given to Closed-Circuit Television: basically the term refers to the video cameras used for transmitting a signal to a particular and restricted group of networked monitors. There uses are mainly applied to monitoring in places that require regular surveillance such as banks, airports, military installations, casinos, and convenience stores. CCTV usage is coming under the spot-light and has become hot issues of debate regarding privacy issues, most specifically, owing to their use in public places.

CCTV Evidence important in Shop Lifting & Crime Investigation

CCTV Monitoring Cameras for Security

In the case of Closed Circuit TV surveillance being used to observe customers in a retail situation, the CCTV recording may form the basis for a criminal case. For example the CCTV recording may observe a shop-lifter committing an offense or even be the only means of identifying the assailants in a robbery or similar crime.

Today, a large number of people are purchasing CCTV cameras and systems for private, personal, as well as the more common commercial use. Another important area CCTV is put to use is in industrial plants or factories, where CCTV cameras and other equipment are employed in observing a process and its quality control from a central monitoring system. Also, it is important to note that CCTV can be put on operation continuously night and day as well as when required to check or observe a specific event.

CCDP Closed Circuit Digital Photography & Motion Detectors

This is a recent development and a more advanced form of CCTV camera, launched in 2005. Its main use is with high resolution mega pixel digital still cameras that are capable of captivating 1600 x 2000 pixel resolution images of the camera surveillance target area. The Digital Camera is triggered either via motion detection or images of the scene are captured periodically on a time lapse. Still Digital Images captured by the camera can be stored automatically to a digital storage system every few seconds via a time delay or only when triggered by a motion detector.
Also CCDP, is useful in checking images remotely if the digital still cameras storage device is attached to a computer system or network of computers. Digital still cameras of relatively low price can be safely used for CCTV purposes, while using CCDP software, which is used to control the digital camera from a computer system or network.

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