Dome Camera 360 degree Ceiling Mounted Surveillance

Indoor Dome Cameras with Zoom Function

The Dome Camera is an advanced form of CCTV cameras used in the all-purpose indoor applications, usually ceiling mounted. It is available in a wide range of configurations such as day or night-vision versions, from black and white configuration to standard color and infrared versions. Another important feature of the dome cameras is that they can be vertically or horizontally mounted, but generally they are ceiling mounted. Indoor dome cameras count for the principal choice in the indoor camera locations requiring high security monitoring such as airports, Casino gaming floors or high ticket item retail stores. Dome cameras can be supplied with advanced features such as zoom and preset scanning facilities.

Advanced features Security Dome Camera Scan & Zoom CCTV

Ceiling mounted Dome CCTV Cameras

Mostly mounted on the ceiling dome cctv cameras can view a wide panning area and with optical zoom of upto 35x the security surveillance operator can observe the tiniest detail while scanning the target area.

Some of the latest models of dome camera available offer many advanced features such as optical zoom of upto 35x and 10x digital zoom.Surveillance operators can control the camera using joystick controls to move the dome camera to required target view. More advanced domes would require a control keyboard panel and joystick to take advantage of the many options such as preset programs of room scanning, target follow modes and high quality zoom functions. Also available in night vision as well as day format the dome camera can give surveillance operatives 360 degrees scanning capability completely controlled by the security operator from the control panel/joystick as well as impressive zoom and panning functions. With all these features the dome cctv camera is the number one choice for many establishments requiring a high degree of surveillance security protection.

Digital Video Recorders DVR use in CCTV

Most of the more advanced type of CCTV cameras and setups generally now utilise Digital Video Recorders. The DVR is a major part of any flourishing CCTV project, this allows video resolution of playback recordings to be stored at a much larger higher quality resolution. Recording speed has become faster using Digital Video Recorders with the video data compression dropping the video data file size to more managable file sizes for storage. Either remote or network surveillance camera monitoring, CCTV video cameras using DVR technology are more or less standard in all types of video surveillance equipment distribution nowadays.
Most importantly, utilising Digital Video Recorders has now become a necessary and vital tool for supervision with applications of remote monitoring cameras with advanced features such as dome cameras with digital zoom and target follow/scanning functions.

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