Surveillance and Countersurveillance Conference and Exposition

Why Sign up Early?
Rental rates are lower. You can choose your booth while the prime locations are still available. You can take full advantage of expo mailings, website, press releases and pre conference promotions You'll have plenty of time to send conference discount coupons to all your clients and associates.
Exhibits Schedule:
The exhibit hall is open 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM August 28 & 29. Set up starts at 12 noon on Sunday, August 27th.

Standard Fees:
The booth rental fee is $1,250. However, companies with fewer than 25 employees receive a $250 discount, and ALL exhibitors who pay in full prior to June 1st receive a $100 discount for prompt payment.
Fee includes: carpeted hall; 8' X 10' pipe and drape booth (unless specified otherwise); custom sign; coverage in the program and in the Communicator newsletter, and a full detail list of attendees. If you want to have your booth equipped with a skirted 6' table, two chairs and a waste basket, add $95 to the rental fee.
How Do We Keep the Prices Down?
The KISS principle keeps costs down. For instance, we don't send full color material on shiny paper to every list we can rent. Instead, we send simple, factual information on plain paper to our proprietary list; we send very specific direct mailings to interested qualified people and we work closely with other related professional organizations.


We focus on our themes: Communications Security Information Security Investigations Technology
Per booth, we register 4 to 9 times as many people as the broad, general security shows - yet, our booth rental fee is less than theirs.
The prospects we bring you are knowledgeable and interested. Unlike the attendees at those very big shows, our visitors are not looking for one or two technologies among thousands exhibited; they're interested in the technology we focus on.
Our sponsors are all active in the field. Their activities and publications promote this show and its exhibitors in advance throughout the year.
Our terrible experiences at shows that take your money for the booth, but leave you for hours on end with no one to talk to but other exhibitors led us to originate many innovations to make the show better for conferees and exhibitors. These special features include:
Staggered starting times for workshops in the different tracks,
No more than two (of three) track meetings at the same time - therefore 1/3 of conference registrants are available to be in the exhibit hall through the day -- in addition to those attending the exhibits only.
To ensure that participants arrive early and stay late we schedule no-charge panel discussions on exciting subjects before the exhibit hall opens and an evening program after it closes.


Twelfth Annual Surveillance Expo with a well established international corporate and government following.
Washington, DC is a world-class city that offers unparalleled opportunities to business and organizations, large and small.
The Nation's Capital is home to the top law enforcement, government and intelligence agencies in the world., and our focused marketing efforts target these agencies.
Further, there is no shortage of private enterprise security, intelligence, and investigative related business and organizations in and around Washington.
The growth of the Washington, DC area, particularly Northern Virginia's technology sector, has prompted frequent comparisons to California's Silicon Valley. Greater Washington is home to more then 2,300 technology companies. At last count, this was the second highest concentration in the country.
The business and corporate base is not limited to technology based firms only. In fact , Washington, DC alone has more then 20,000 companies, including trade and professional associations, many of the nation's top law and accounting firms,health and education organizations, and research and management companies.
Greater Washington boasts an impressive array of Fortune 500 corporate headquarters and representatives.
The business and corporate base is not limited to technology based firms only. In fact , Washington, DC alone has more then 20,000 companies, including trade and professional associations, many of the nation's top law and accounting firms, health and education organizations, and research and management companies.
The Greater Washington area is a proving ground for new breakthroughs in science and technology. More then 2,800 research facilities and 477 federal labs conduct state-of-the-art research and development.
Headed by the Pentagon, the many military agencies in the Washington, DC area attract a large complement of corporations who are military and government contractors.
In the Washington, DC area there are 172 embassies, numerous major international institutions (e.g. multilateral development banks), and approximately 700 foreign owned firms or affiliates. All embassies receive detailed information and a personal invitation. Foreign attendance is always strong.
The global financial institutions of the world are headquartered here.
Hundreds of national associations have their headquarters in Greater Washington. There are more industry trade associations and technology councils than any other place.
Media coverage of the Expo is usually very good. In addition to good local coverage all the major domestic and international media outlets maintain Washington bureaus. Regular press releases keep the media interested and advised on the latest developments of Surveillance Expo including details about the exhibitors, their products, services, and technology
Washington, DC is a popular and busy destination for domestic and international business travelers. Three major serving airports provide many travel options and competitive fares.
For those driving to Surveillance Expo, major interstates will bring you right into Washington and upon arrival you will enjoy complementary indoor parking at the host hotel.

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