Surveillance Expo 2000 August 28th - 30th Washington, DC

The 12th Annual International Surveillance and Countersurveillance Conference and Exhibition features an outstanding exhibit hall. The exhibit hall is open Monday, August 28th and Tuesday, August 29th from 9:30 AM - 4:30 PM. With nearly forty exhibitors, it is a great opportunity for you to preview the latest equipment, services, and technology. These vendors come from around the country and abroad to display and demonstrate their latest products and services. The exhibit hall at Surveillance Expo is always popular and is sure to provide you with new information, insight, resources and contacts. The Exhibit Hall admission is free to those attendees pre registered prior to August 1st or $10.00 the day of the event. For those registered for conferences and seminar programs, admission to the exhibit hall is included. Starting times for the one hour track presentations are staggered to allow plenty of time to cover the exhibit hall. The equipment and services presented are always interesting and diverse. They specifically focus on the primary themes of the Expo; Surveillance, Countersurveillance, Communications/Information Security and Investigations Technology. It's a great opportunity to meet the experts and get answers to your questions.

premiere exhibitors for Surveillance Expo 2000!

ASIS Washington D.C. Chapter
The Washington D.C. Chapter of the American Society for Industrial Security currently has over 1,200 members from Washington D.C., Northern Virginia, and Maryland as well as Government personnel assigned to U.S. establishments abroad.

Applied Design Concepts, Inc.
An engineering firm heavily into satellite terminals. They provide state-of-the-art design, integration and prototypeing. Emphasis on flyaway satellite communication suites and next generation security sensor systems. In addition, we offer custom design and manufacturing services.

BEMA, Inc.
Manufactures a unique line of portable RF shielded enclosures primarily designed for protection against Tempest threats. Other applications include industrial and medical.

Codex Data Systems, Inc.
Software products and services. Investigative Software: "D.I.R.T."- "B.A.I.T."- "PC PHONEHOME" "TECHMAN FORENSIC SUITE". Law Enforcement & Investigative Software. Remote Computer Supervision Software. Intrusion Detection & Identification. Trackable Electronic Documents. Electronic Search Warrants. PC & Laptop Theft Recovery Software. Forensic Evidence Acquisition Computer Usage Compliance.
Platinum Sponsor of Surveillance Expo 2000

Information Security Associates, Inc.
ISA is a leading source for eavesdropping detection equipment, also called Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) equipment. We manufacture technically sound products backed by over 20 years experience as designers and tens of thousands of hours of field use by our own sweep teams. We offer a wide range of products, services and training worldwide for all Technical Surveillance Countermeasures requirements.

General Dynamics Electronic Systems
General Dynamics Electronic Systems (ES) is an operating unit of the General Dynamics Corporation. Electronic Systems supports electronic and imagery intelligence, information warfare, and electronic warfare programs for the U.S. Government and selected export markets with studies, systems design and development, turnkey installation, and lifetime operations and maintenance.

Featured Products Include: Internet Attack Simulator, Postmaster, KingsMen SS7-105-Telcom network attack Sensing and warning, Social Network Simulator

Integritek Systems Inc.
New state-of-the-art Voice Analysis software system. The VericatorTM is an investigative focus tool, which evaluates subject credibility through narrative, or conversational speech. The system allows the interviewer to focus on facts, and to assess the credibility of what is being discussed. This PC-based system uses voice analysis algorithms to identify areas in which the subject may be unusually stressed or deceptive. This is not a voice stress analyzer; the system provides the interviewer with real time (live) indicators of subject truth verification in an emotionally neutral environment. All data is printable. Pre-recorded sources such as audio tape, digital recordings, and videotaped audio can also be reviewed and evaluated.

Intelligence agencies exhibits and Security surveillance equipment

International Intelligence Network - Investigations and Security Intelnet is a world-wide network of investigators and security professionals who have combined to form one of the most complete investigative associations in existence. A listing of the members in this professional partnership are now available through Intelnet's International On-line Locator Service. Our membership involves some of the finest investigators in the world, many of whom have worked in high-level government investigatory positions.

Law Enforcement Product News
Law Enforcement Product News is the premiere guide to the newest innovations in law enforcement products available to law enforcement, corrections and security professionals.

National Capital Investigative Services
A Washington, DC area based investigative firm specializing in technical surveillance. They offer a complete line of video surveillance equipment and systems from optics and cameras to video transmitters. Also known for their ability to conceal cameras in to almost any item or environment.

Ross Engineering Group, Inc.
ROSS ENGINEERING GROUP, INC., is an internationally recognized leader in the field of Technical Surveillance Countermeasures and privacy protection. Since 1977, the firm has been providing services and technical consulting both domestically and internationally to corporations, governments, and VIPS. In addition to service and consulting, the firm offers a complete line of countersurveillance, surveillance, and privacy protection equipment, and does custom design and manufacturing of very specialized surveillance and countersurveillance systems. Also known for it's accredited Hand's On TSCM Training Course, informative seminars, and corporate briefings.
Platinum Sponsor of Surveillance Expo 2000

Science & Engineering Associates, Inc. (SEA), is a nationally recognized, privately held employee-owned company with a diverse base of clients. We serve both the government and commercial industry and support our clients by providing cutting-edge service and technological solutions.
Featured Product: The SpyFinder is a small, lightweight, battery-powered device that allows the user to quickly identify and locate hidden cameras. Since the SpyFinder works optically, no amount of electronic jamming or shielding can staop it from finding hidden cameras. The SpyFinder works against all types of cameras:
-Video cameras
-Pinhole/spy cameras
-Digital cameras
-Auto-focus cameras

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