SecuTech Expo 2007-10 years as Worlds #1 Surveillance Exhibition

The Largest Asian Security and Surveillance Event

SecuTech has been present in the Asian security marketplace for over 10 years with the number of exhibitors growing every year. Covering every aspect of surveillance and security the SecuTech Expo is a must for any business involved in this field.

SecuTech 2007 Expo Latest Security Products to Market

SecuTech falls at just the right time of year to include all the latest innovative ideas and security products from Q1. You can find products from a wide range of Asian manufacturers at this event that has been established since 1998. The 10th SecuTech Expo during 2007 offered the twenty thousand plus visitors over seven hundred different exhibitors and received the award for best International Exhibition.

Known worldwide as the best show for Security related products SecuTech Expo 2007 continues to grow in visitors and exhibitor size. Visitors can see everything Asia has to offer in the way of CCTV Cameras, alarm systems, digital surveillance, biometrics, intercom systems and the very latest new innovations in the security field.

With Asia being the Worlds most prolific electronics manufacturing area its no surprise that over three quarters of the worlds security equipment is manufactured within Asia. This helps make the Secutech Expo the most prominent exhibition in the Security and Surveillance industries calendar.

Some Exhibition statistics from SecuTech Expo 2007 :

  • Received over 20,000+ Visitors.
  • Greatest Concentration of New Ideas and Products.
  • Exhibition Received Visitors from 20 different Countries.
  • Most Specialized Security/Alarm/Surveillance Show in the World.
  • 700 - 800 Different Security Products Exhibitors.
  • 1500 Exhibition Botths Filled.
  • Most of Asia’s Security Manufacturing Companies Present.

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